Turtle Sands Camping and Holiday Park


Turtle Sands Camping and Holiday Park

New holiday experience opening 2024

We are thrilled to share that NRMA Parks and Resorts are the proud new owners of the Turtle Sands Holiday Park, Mon Repos, located adjacent to Bundaberg’s Mon Repos Conservation Park.  For those new to this Holiday Park, it is home to the largest colony of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland.

We have commenced the approved development of the new Mon Repos accommodation experience.  Throughout this period we will be working closely with specialist turtle and broader environmental consultants, government bodies, and the First Nations community to ensure we carefully create this new tourism experience whilst respecting and protecting the natural environment. 

All of our team at NRMA are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring a new era of nature-based tourism to the Turtle Sands Mon Repos for our members and guests


The development of  the Turtle Sands site commenced in November 2023 with the new accommodation experience planned to open in the second half of 2024. Stay tuned for more details. 

Our vision here at NRMA is for Turtle Sands to offer our guests a unique, first-of-its-kind eco accommodation experience with exclusive access to one of nature’s most amazing moments. It’s a $28million project, and we’re excited to now be starting works to bring the vision to life.  

Mon Repos is home to the largest colony of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland. It’s also home to the largest nesting population of the endangered loggerhead turtle in the South Pacific.

The works now underway at Turtle Sands include the careful removal of the existing buildings, preparation of the site for the planned new accommodations and guest areas, construction of the guest facilities and landscaping to complement the natural environment. 

The Turtle Sands site is now closed, and visitors will not have access to the property until it opens in mid 2024.  The beach  directly in front of the Turtle Sands site remains open during the day but closed between 6pm and 6am from 15 October to 30 April for the Turtle season.

NRMA Parks and Resorts is carefully managing works on the site so as the turtles will not be impacted. Works taking place during daylight hours only when turtles are often at sea and all digging and construction will be zoned away from turtles and their nesting and feeding grounds.

This season, Turtle Sands will be a completely dark site for the first time in 20 years which means there is no light illuminated from the site that sits directly in front of the turtle nesting area.

There’s lots for visitors and guests to look forward to at NRMA’s new Turtle Sands, including glamping tents, eco-cabin, studio rooms and camping sites as well as a central guest area and guided nature tours for an unforgettable encounter with the nesting turtles.

The initial phases of the development including new accommodation experience will be open to guests in the second half of 2024.

Bookings will go live in early 2024. Keep an eye out for news here Turtle Sands Camping and Holiday Park

The new NRMA Parks and Resorts ecotourism destination will attract more than 90,000 visitors and generate $13.2 million in overnight visitor expenditure each year. The project will also provide 40 construction jobs and 34 operational jobs. It will be a boon for local businesses including restaurants and cafes, food and beverage suppliers, camping and adventure gear retailers and tour operators. Plus, the community will be able to access the beach and enjoy the park facilities including a new kiosk and the Mon Repos Turtle Centre.

NRMA Parks and Resorts is pleased to partner with the Queensland Government which has committed a share of its Activate Ecotourism Infrastructure initiative announced in 2023.

NRMA Parks and Resorts has partnered with Gidarjil Development Corporation and PCCCT and are aiming to partner with several  other regional First Nations groups in best managing the development phase and in planning a program of cultural experiences and nature encounters that will offer some exciting new experience for guests.

NRMA Parks and Resorts recognises the responsibility in operating in a sensitive environment and will adhere to all elements of the Turtle Management Plan and has adopted best practice environmental standards to protect the location and its marine residents.  These include working alongside the Mon Repos Conservation Park and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Rangers, protection of turtle nesting areas, restriction of night time light and noise, an education program and guided tours.

The approved Turtle Management Plan provides very specific controls to manage the risk of artificial light from the Turtle Sands property, including a light curfew from 8pm and lighting from the property has been comprehensively redesigned and adding technology enhancements so as to minimise lighting to the beach and turtle nesting areas and alignment to our Turtle Management Plan.

NRMA Parks and Resorts takes the behaviour of its guests and staff with upmost importance. Guests will receive information and code of conduct guidelines with their booking and again on arrival, while in park signage and an interactive education program will form an essential part of the guest experience. Our teams working at Turtle Sands will also be inducted and trained on our turtle management plan and code of conduct.

The Mon Repos Turtle Centre currently operate tours for the public from November to April. Guests staying at the park will be able to walk to the Turtle centre for tours. NRMA will work alongside the centre to promote its services in providing sustainable, educational and interactive tours and bespoke Turtle encounters and experiences for guests.