Camping Rules

These rules are designed to provide for the orderly, safe and comfortable conduct of the park and to protect its sensitive environment. 

 1.            Strictly no visitors are permitted to enter the park.

 2.            COVID regulations apply – please adhere to check in procedure, social distancing, hand washing and hygiene practices.

 3.            Camping under long or heavy branches or under tree trunks is prohibited, as it is dangerous to do so.

 4.            No ropes are to be tied to trees or branches.

 5.           Push bikes, scooters, roller blades and other similar modes of transport are not to be ridden or used within the park. 

 6.            All rubbish is to be bagged before being put in the bins provided.

Discarded camping gear (e.g. broken chairs, airbeds, ripped tents, broken boogie boards etc.) are to be removed from the camping ground at the end of the stay, and are not to be left as rubbish to be removed.

 7.            The front dunal area is extremely sensitive, and nothing is to be done that might damage that area. Access to and from the beach is to be taken only where indicated.

 8.            No fires are permitted – All guest’s BBQ’s and other cooking equipment must be fuelled by gas or electricity. No wood/charcoal/coal/smokers are permitted.

 9.            Vehicles are not to be driven in the park at any speed greater than brisk walking pace. Vehicles are only to be driven on the roads provided.

 10.         Water in the amenities block is not to be wasted.  Children using the amenities block (both toilets and showers) are to be supervised by adults at all times, and are not to occupy shower cubicles for more than a few minutes on any one occasion.  Children are to be encouraged to use the outside showers and the children’s toilet at the rear of the amenities block during the day rather than using the amenities block itself.

 11.         During the turtle season (beginning of November to end of April) the beach area is under the control of National Parks and Wildlife from 6pm each day to 6am the following morning.  

 12.         We are not a pet friendly park due to our natural surroundings.

 13.         No generators are to be used in the park.


A breach of the above rules will result in you being asked to leave the caravan park.